What time will you arrive?
I normally arrive half an hour before I am due to start playing in order to set up.

Do I need to feed you?
If your booking is over 2 hours long, I normally appreciate some simple refreshments – a sandwich is fine!


What are your set times?
If the booking is over one hour long, I will usually take some breaks (it is not very good for the back to sit at the harp for more than an hour at once!). For a three hour booking this would normally take the form of 1 hour playing, 15 minute break, 45 minutes playing, 15 minute break, 45 minutes playing. For engagements of four hours or more, I will need to increase the breaks to 20 minutes. If you have speeches at specific points during the booking then I will always try to fit my breaks to take place then.


What do you need at the venue?
I appreciate having enough light to see my music by (if your venue is going to be candle lit then I will need a good spot light next to me). I will also need to have a chair to sit on – a dining chair without arms is normally fine.


Can I choose specific music?
I am happy to play any music requests you may have, and normally need to know these at least a month before the date of the booking in order to get hold of the music if I need to.


Where is the best place to position the harp?
In a ceremony room I prefer to be at the front of the room if possible. The best place is in either corner near where the registrars will be. This means I can see what is going on and ensure that I will play (and stop!) at the right points. If I am at the back of the room then it is very difficult for me to see over your guests’ heads and I may not know when I need to start and stop each piece. For the reception I can be very flexible and usually set up in a corner near where I think the most people will be (please do bear in mind that people move for photos etc so I may not be as close to your guests by the end of the reception as I was at the start!).


Do you provide amplification?
I can provide amplification if required at an additional cost of £50. If your party is for more than 150 people then I would recommend that you amplify the harp as it is hard to hear it above this number of people. If the venue already has a sound system in place it should also be possible to mic the harp up with this.


Can you move the harp to different parts of the venue?
It is easy to move the harp to a different room. It will take me about 10 minutes to reset everything and then I am ready to continue playing!


Can you play outside?
I am happy to play outside, but this is very much dependant on the weather. If it is sunny then I need to be in proper shade, and if it looks like it is about to rain then it may not be possible to play outside, as it would take too long to move the harp under cover before it got wet! It is also quite important that the harp is on an even surface, so if your outside location is very hilly, this may also be difficult for me.


Can we meet before the event?
I usually find that it is possible to discuss everything over the phone or via email. Some clients want to hear the harp in person ahead of the booking. If I am performing a solo concert around that time then I normally suggest coming to hear me play, otherwise, I can arrange a personal meeting at my home for a cost of £75 where you can hear the harp and we can discuss your music choices in greater detail.


How do I pay you?

For private bookings (ie. not through an agent) I normally request the balance of payment (either cheque or cash) on the day of the booking, but if it is easier for you, then it is fine to send a cheque in advance made payable to Harriet Adie (please note I never pay any money in until after completion of the event).